Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday 2012

Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.  These are the words most will hear as the blessed ashes are placed on our foreheads today.  For we now enter into the liturgical season of Lent.
Historically, today begins the period of forty days of prayer and penance and preparation for Easter.  For most of us, it has been the time to decide what we will be “giving up” for Lent – a self-imposed penance, of sorts.  Perhaps it has been chocolate or coffee or desserts or maybe that glass or two of wine. 
And all that is good and well.  But perhaps this year it is time to do something different and a time to really…
Occupy Lent!
Just as the protesters have been adamant these past months in their pursuit for social-economic equality, maybe it is time to look in the mirror and ask, “Do I really want to make a difference in my connection with God.  Do I really want to have prayer in my life?”  And if so, what does that look like?  This year, how can I really Occupy Lent?!
If you reading this blog, then most likely you are on your computer a great deal.  And if you are like me, finding some time for prayer may not be easy.  So leave it to the Jesuits to help out.  They have two websites that I enjoy.
Click here to head over to Sacred Space, the Irish Jesuit daily prayer site.  Or…
Click here to get to one of my favorite daily prayer sites done by the Jesuits at Creighton University.  They have a site dedicated to Lent called, Praying Lent.

One of the best daily mediation sites that will email you each day is by my friend Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM.  To sign up, simply click here and follow the instructions. Or if you are a fan of the printed word, Fr. Richard has a great daily Lenten meditation book called Wondrous Encounters.
There are many options available, but whatever you choose, have this be a Lent that you occupy and take hold of.  Let this be a Lent where you allow yourself the time and space to really renew and recommit to the identity given to all of us at our baptisms…a disciple of Christ.

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Meredith Gould said...

FYI: @OccupyLent on Twitter was set up by @Rev_David (David Hansen), an ELCA Pastor and key participant in weekly church social media (#chsocm) chats. He also set up #OccupyAdvent, which was a terrific source of inspiration. @OccupyLent looks like it will be the same.