Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Trees

It is that time of the year, as the summer wears down, that many have just finished family vacations. It is often during these times that we connect with an eclectic group of family members, some we have not seen in many years. It is normally at that point we wonder what planet in the universe some of them came from! I think that if most of us were to draw a family tree there would be those branches that are a bit scarred or twisted.  We all have those family skeletons in the closets.  Those who have been disowned. Those who live on the fringes.  But they are still family.

But if you think your family tree has some odd branches, did you ever look at the genealogy of Jesus?   Makes yours and mine look not so bad!  If you drill down into the family tree of Jesus you will find it filled with kings and slaves, Jews and Gentiles, and the righteous and sexually immoral.  Slaves?  Gentiles?  Sexually immoral?  And all part of the lineage of our Savior?  You bet.

Why?  Hope.  Gives me hope.  My blood line is not perfect, neither is yours.  Matter of fact I am not perfect and neither are you.  But Christ came to bring salvation of ALL people.  For God's grace and love is greater than any imperfection found in us and our families.  Indeed, our family trees deeply reflect the divine providence God has for all.

And that is truly good news.

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