Thursday, November 29, 2012

The New English Translation - A Year Later

The Lord be with you.  And with your Spirit
Consubstantial with the Father
…will be poured out for you and the many
…was incarnate of the Virgin Mary…

For many of us, perhaps we have grown somewhat accustomed to these and other changes in the English text of the Roman Missal.  Or maybe not.

This Sunday we will begin a new liturgical year – Year C.  And as we do, it will be the one-year mark since the implementation of the new English translation.  Given birth after nine years of debate and arm wrestling and prayer, the new translation is one that is closest to the original Latin text.

Upon its launch we were told that, “one of the main goals of this new translation is to rediscover and represent the deep, rich and authentic meaning of the faith of our Church in our life of prayer.” 

Has it?

In reserving my comments, for now, I thought I would do a very quick survey as to what others think and feel after having been immersed in this new translation for a year.  So I am inviting you to click HERE – and take the very, very brief survey – but do feel free to fill in some of the comment boxes!!

If you would – please forward this post or cut and paste the following link to your friends, family and fellow parishioners:

Then just after Christmas I will post the results and blog a bit about the findings.

So please take a minute and let your voice be heard!

Advent peace to you and yours.

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