Friday, November 1, 2013

Saints and Souls

Mosaic of Lady of Guadalupe at the Basilica of Lourdes
(photo taken by Joelle Chase)

Teresa and I are blessed to have three daughters-in-law who are all talented and beautiful in so many ways.  Joelle and our son Peter live in Albuquerque and from time to time Joelle will guest write for a number of publications.  Her wisdom and her words are all grace for her readers.
Her post this morning speaks to this time of the year – the triduum of All Saints—Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve), All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day.

She writes, “It is a time to remember that life and death go hand-in-hand. A time to face our shadows, to acknowledge that which we are ashamed of, and to know that the other side of dark is light. It is a time to draw close to the source of Life, to the One who holds sleepers in her arms.”
Take a moment and enjoy her insight and blessings as we celebrate the changing seasons and yearn for Light in our lives.

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