Monday, April 23, 2012

Vatican Shuts The Window

This October we will celebrate the opening of the Vatican II Council.  The beloved Pope John XXIII would often state his reason for convening the Council was the need to throw open the windows of the Church to allow some ‘fresh air’ in.  That was fifty years ago. 
Last week the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF), (previously known in the 15th century as the Roman Inquisition), in conjunction with the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops called for a “reform” of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).  This organization represents 80% of the women religious congregations in the United States.  The CDF found “serious doctrinal problems” with the LCWR’s activities including promoting “radical feminist themes.”  They went on to accuse the leadership of focusing too much on poverty and economic injustice while alleging keeping “silent” on abortion and same sex marriage.
So now, for the next five years they have an overseer to answer to, the archbishop of Seattle, Peter Sartain.  Which I guess makes great sense since the male clergy have been stellar overseers of their own institutions these past forty years or so.  I mean, no scandals there – right?
So these religious sisters who have worked in our schools, prisons, hospitals and priest retirement homes...the sisters who have fed and clothed the poor and served the homeless of our streets...the nuns, who seemed to be reading and following the gospel way too much in their focus of poverty and social injustice – what are they to do?
According to Georgetown Law Professor, Fr. Ladislas Orsy, S.J. – the woman religious have no real options.  There is no appeal process.  He states, “It’s not complicated.  The Vatican has taken control...and they hope in five years they will put LCWR on a different track.”
Wow!  OMG, what was that sound I just heard?  Must have been the window Pope John the XXIII opened fifty years ago...slamming shut. 
So much for the fresh air.


Gene Vavrick said...

I think I heard the same window shutting closed, but I keep hearing it being shut again and again and again.

Seems Vatican II is being considered something to be "corrected" rather than "celebrated."

I'm praying for all of the wonderful, faithful Religious Women who formed me in faith:
Srs. Walburga, Marcella, Matthew, Jean-Marie,Celestine,RSM. My Spiritual Director, Carol Conly, RSM., Jane Pitz, Regina Coll SSJ, Jean Lenz OSF, and colleagues like Sandy DiMasi, SSJ and Eleanor McCann, RSM and many others these days.

These are surely days when we need to pray for each other, and for our Church.

Jim said...

Amen Gene! Off the top of my head I can rattle off at least two dozen religious women who have formed me over the years. I speaking to some of them this past week, they are in shock of how they are being treated.

Prayers are needed for sure...for them and all the faithful

James H said...

Short Summary of Post

(1) Vatican is mean

(2) The Leadership of this group is fully in the right

(3) Mistate pretty much what the Vatican said about what they said abt poverty

(4) Throw in the hints of the sex abuse scandal and fail to mention that SNAP has been saying this Leadership group of Sisters has been stonewalling on their own abuse issue

How about a post where we fully and intelligently engage the document and look at the concerns.

I know that is generally not happening and perhaps it much easier to enjoy the "appaluse" we get from US vs Them post ( heck I fall for that too) but maybe we as Laity and Clergy and Relgious need to do that.