Thursday, May 17, 2012

What is your “Feast Day?”

May 17, 1959 - Buffalo NY

Today is my Feast Day! Feast Day you say?  What is one’s Feast Day? 
Indeed all of us (at least those under a certain age) find great fun in celebrating our birthdays.  Best wishes are posted on Facebook by ‘friends.’  Cards arrive in the mail. Families gather around the birthday cake (or in the case of my son, around a block of feta cheese – but I will save that for another blog!)  And all sing the quintessential song, “Happy Birthday.”
But how many of us take the time to celebrate the beginning of our discipleship – the day that we were baptized?  Early on, my wife and I did not want this day to be forgotten by each of our four sons.  So as they grew, each year we celebrated their ‘Feast Day’ – the day they were baptized.  It was a day that they would get to pick out their favorite dinner meal and dessert.  Afterwards we would gather around with pictures and videos of that day.  With their baptismal candle lit, we would retell the story of the day they were baptized.
All this to remind them….and to remind us…of our calling, through baptism, that we are sons and daughters of Christ.  That we are called to be disciples of the risen Lord.  That we are called to “Teach What You Believe.” And most importantly, that we are unconditionally loved by the one who created us. 
What greater thing could there be to celebrate!  So dig in the family records and photo albums, research the actual date that you were baptized and celebrate, with a feast, your calling to be a disciple of Christ!

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Fran said...

What a beautiful post and a reminder of our baptism. This reminds me of the time that Bl. John Paul II was asked what the most important day of his life was. (I'm paraphrasing, so I may be a bit off...) Did he say that it was the day that he was ordained a priest? Or maybe when the war was over? Was it when he became a bishop? Or when he was made Pope?

No. It was the day he was baptized. We might all consider how we would answer the same question.

Beautiful - thank you, thank you. And happy feast days to all!