Sunday, November 18, 2012

Homily: Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“The sun will be darkened.”  “The moon will not give its light.”  “Stars will fall from the sky.” “Heaven and earth will pass away.” This week’s Gospel sounds like a great deal of doom and gloom about the end of time.  
But not so.
It seems that this Gospel was written during the time when war breaking out between the Jews and the Romans for control of the area and the future of the temple.  The followers of Christ did not know what to do and thus Mark hides a sermon in his 13th Chapter. 
Why hide it?  What was his veiled message? And what does a fig tree have to do with it all?  Click the link and see my take on politics versus discipleship.
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Fran said...

Beautiful homily... so much to consider.