Saturday, June 29, 2013

Perfect Vacation?

As July approaches many of us are, or soon will be, in full vacation mode.  Perhaps it is the same place you/your family have always gone.  Or maybe each year you seek out a new place to find rest.  Or possibly you seek some down time right where you, getting respite from the normal work week.  Whatever your preference is, it is a time when all of us look to "recharge our batteries," or to "take a break from it all."

But then why do so many of us come off vacation exhausted?  Why is it that often we return from our vacation tired and unchanged.  It seems more and more vacation becomes a time for increased stimulation and instant gratification versus true re-creation.

I think we miss the point. 

Our time spent on vacation needs to be a time to really vacate.  To let go of what we hold on to. To allow a process of true re-creation, rest and conversion. To allow our life experiences to open our eyes to those we love, to those we care for.  In doing so we allow ourselves to experience God in a new way.

Now that would truly be...a perfect vacation.

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